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About Prophet Washington


Prophet Corinthians D. Washington was born to (Ret.) SSG Joel Alexander and Evang.Catherine Alexander in the city of  Phenix City, AL.
Prophet Washington attended both public and private schools in SC, NY, GA and AL.
Prophet Washington recieved the gift of the Holyghost at a young age. Prophet Washington has served as a drummer, singer, choir member at the Move of God Ministries COGIC in Columbus, GA for a number of years until he was called into the ministry. He begain his ministry at age 17 ( December 10, 2000) at the Move Of God Ministries COGIC where Pastor Will A. Willis, Jr. serves as the Pastor. 
Prophet Washington then went on to further his education by attending College at Columbus Technical College and recieved an Associates of Science degree in Nursing. He also attended bible College at All Saints Bible College in Memphis, Tn where he earned and Bachaelor Degree in Bibical Studies and a Masters Degree in Divinity and Christian Counseling. Prophet Washington also recieved a Doctorate in Philosophy and Religious Studies from Beacon University in Brooklyn, NY. 
Prophet Washington is the father of two lovely children Coriya M. Washington and Jeremiah I. Washington of Columbus, Ga and Pickensville, AL.
Prophet Washington is currently a member of the New Bethel Tabernacle COGIC Church in Columbus, GA where Supt.David Hall serves as the pastor. Prophet Washington currently serves as the Youth Pastor and Assistant Music Director for the New Bethel Tabernacle COGIC were he attends. Prophet Washington is now starting a new church in the columbus GA area called Prophetic Rain Ministries coming Spring 2016!!! 
Prophet Washington is currently a Professional Singer, Drummer, Model, Solo Artist, and Preacher. He is currently working on a solo project called " My Life ".
Until we meet the blessings of the Lord Overtake you in all that you do!!!

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